I started using it (Gorton’s Solution with Humic & Fulvic Acids) this spring and have been impressed by the growth of my indoor crops.  I am in Vermont where it is still snowing.  Indoors, I have used it on herbaceous greens, salads, arugula, and even basil.  I really noticed the improvement on the basil, which I did not expect.  I have also used it on ornamentals like AmaryIlis, African Violets, Euphorbias (several types), Begonias, Christmas Cacti, Clivia, Pothos, and Pelargonium.  I ordered more product online so I can test on my outdoor gardens, of which I have many.  I am going to use it on all my starts once true leaves form.  I am also a tester for Proven Winners.  I will have our social media team write something about this product.

International Garden & Design Landscape Architect and Blogger in Vermont

We have had a dwarf lemon tree for 20 years.  The most lemons ever produced was 6, until this year when we started using Gorton's Solution with Humic & Fulvic Acids.  With 14 lemons, we more than doubled our best year ever.  Obviously, I'm a fan and will be ordering more!

Home Gardener in New Mexico

"Great product!" posted on Instagram with a Thumbs Up icon!

Professional Medical Marijuana Grower in MI

By the end of the growing season, in a straight up test, the bush bean plant with Gorton's Solution with Humic & Fulvic Acids doubled the crop productivity of the other plant using water and fertilizer alone.  The product really works!

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Professional Agriculture & Garden Grower in California

We used Gorton's solution with humic & fulvic acids on a landscaping project and could not have been more impressed with the results.  After completing the grading, we used Gorton's to grow our grass back throughout the landscaping and it looks fantastic!  Will be ordering more soon, this product is fantastic!  Thanks so much for this product, it is amazing!

Landscape Company Owner

I absolutely plan to use this product again, and I'm recommending it to my friends and followers.  There's a lot of power in this little bottle.

Professional Gardening Grower & Blog Writer in Pennsylvania

I had the chance to try this product for 5 weeks on different garden plants.  In my opinion, it is a great product for new gardens and it may be the right choice to awaken the life within store-bought soil for increased enrichment.

Professional Gardening Grower & Blog Writer in Texas

We got success with the Gorton's Solution (Humic & Fulvic Acids) product.  The product did well and the results were as good as we were imagining, and higher in horticultural vegetables and plants (indoor and outdoor and cucumbers).  It worked after the first application and did great after the second.  We believe our readers and followers will be impressed with your product and the results.

Professional Agricultural Grower & Blog Writer in India

I saw success early on and, definitely there is significant growth and greenery in the spots and areas that I treated with your products.  I would like to purchase more this week.

Urban Garden Landscaper

I have been running a test on something exotic:  coffee.  Half the plants have Gorton's, the other half have SUPERthrive.  All the plants are growing well with no noticeable difference so far, except that Gorton's is cheaper.

Professional Grower & Blog Writer in North Carolina

We started with bad looking trees that needed help.  After using Gorton's Solution with Humic & Fulvic Acids, they now look much better, so we are doubling our order.  And, we will continue to order more when this supply runs out.

Home Gardener in North Texas Region

We started with applications about 2 weeks ago in mid July testing at my home.  My soil pH was high at 8.0. Even after the first application, the pH seemed to be coming down and there seemed to be higher water retention.  I am seeing good results and I don't seem to have any burn.

Field Operations Manager - Large Landscape Company throughout Texas

Our celery is exploding and our onions look great!  I would like to buy some for our farm program and for me, personally, for my pecan trees.

Head of the Farm Program - HBU College in the US

We get many calls from people asking us to try their product.  Yours is the real deal!  I especially like it to neutralize pH levels for our azalea displays and during the summers to help with heat tolerance.

VP Horticulture - Major Urban Display Garden in the Southwest US

Just did another application on my grass.  It's really looking great!  I have enough for one more round and then I want to buy more.  Not only is my grass really coming along, but my geraniums are better than EVER!!!  Your product is worth every penny!

Home Gardener in New Mexico

The stuff seems to be working good.  We have had success with it.  How much for a case, and do you have other products as we may have a few multiple needs?

Head of Purchasing - Large, Multi-state Landscaping Company throughout the Southeastern US

I'm seeing an absolute better result using your product. I expect to write about it later this summer when I will be harvesting my veggies.

Professional Grower & Gardening Blog Writer in England

Professional Grower & Blog Writer in Pennsylvania

Gardening at Douentza - Garden & Nursery Blogger in Ireland

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Ann-Marie Powell Gardens - Garden & Nursery Blogger in England

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