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Gorton's Solution 32oz

Gorton's Solution 32oz

SKU: 867822000416


Gorton's will keep your lawn lush, your trees sustained, and your garden at it's best, and all will be more heat tolerant.  Additionally, Gorton's Solution adjusts and holds soil pH levels while providing essential plant health and growth nutrients.


Directions and Application

Our 32oz bottle will mix and dilute with approximately 200 gallons of water. 

Garden and House Plants: Use 1 TSP per gallon of water.

Grass, Shrubs, and Trees: Use 1 TSP per gallon of water.


We recommend applying the diluted water/Gorton's Solution once or twice per week for most flowers, beds, and gardens.


Buy now and start seeing results within 2 to 3 applications.  For absolute results, works best when complemented with alternating applications of Gorton's Solution with Humic & Fulvic Acids.   


    No returns on open bottles.

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