Gorton's works with landscapers to reduce water and fertilizer use, improve aesthetics, and increase profit margin. 

Gorton's combines the benefits of acid based treatments with the benefits of soil amendments that is safe for all types of plants and grass at an affordable price. You will see the benefits in less than two weeks. 


Improve Profit Margin

We license our product to landscapers to provide them with an additional profit center and reduce their fertilizer cost. This improves profit margins and helps improve the aesthetics of their clients properties.

Green Footprint

Gorton's is environmentally conscious, only using all natural elements while helping reduce water and fertilizer use. By reducing water, you clients are able to have a beautiful property even if they have water restrictions.

Happier Clients

Within two weeks of using Gorton's, your clients will have thicker and greener grass, more vibrant colored flowers, and more blooms on their plants. Your clients won't be able to live without it once they see the difference.


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Licensing Gorton's is easy and profitable for landscapers.