Gorton's is an acid based treatment combined with elements of soil amendments that neutralize the effects of salt, improves the benefits of your nutrient program, and improves aesthetics.

Gorton's maximizes root growth which improves uptake of water and fertilizer, decreasing the need to water and fertilize as often. You will start noticing changes within two weeks of use. 

Cost Savings

30% + reduction in water use

60% + reduction in fertilizer use

Reduction in electricity use from pump house

Better Option

Our patented solution combines the benefits of a sulfuric acid treatment with soil amendment elements at a fraction of the cost.

By replacing your sulfuric acid treatment with Gorton's you'll save money and improve your course more than before.


Less nitrogen means less harmful runoff

Green grass earlier and later in the season

Fill in patchy areas where grass wont grow


Case Study Results



Don’t Take Our Word For It

"Dan and I worked with Scientist Stephen Gorton in Fall 2015 experimenting with this product. After 90 days and an updated Google Earth image of hole 9 we could noticeably tell an earlier green up, and healthier plant, and it was February! … Gorton’s has helped us save money on fertilizers, water, and electricity which is great for our club’s sustainability.”

Blake - Bent Tree CC

"Our grass was damaged by heavy foot traffic for our holiday events and even reseeding didn't bring it back to normal. After reseeding a 4th time, we applied Gorton's and within 2 weeks the bare spots were gone! This stuff is miracle juice!"

Mark - Major National Display Garden in US


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