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Gorton's Solution was created in a home garden by long time agricultural food scientist, Stephen Gorton.   It began with the idea that plants need iron.   A means to do so was to dissolve old iron with a natural acid and then heavily dilute it with water.  It worked so well that Mr. Gorton decided to add other essential nutrients plus ionize the solution for particle conductivity.  He perfected the chemistry and physics-derived-product and used it to help tomato growers in Mexico where the soil has a high degree of salt. After seeing exceptional results and on more than just tomatoes, Mr. Gorton patented the "All-Natural" product and brought it back to the US where commercial clients have been using it since.  When mixed with the proper dilution of water, Gorton's Solution works like magic to "help plants grow better."

What is Gorton's Solution?

Gorton's Solution is a liquid plant growth enhancer that amends soil, while maximizing the health and growth of plants. Gorton's is not a fertilizer, yet it helps plants use fertilizer products more efficiently.  PH level and chlorophyll production are two of the biggest factors in plant growth.  Most water typically has a higher pH level than what plants prefer and Gorton's lowers the level in the water and soil combination.  Gorton's also contains essential nutrients that are vital building blocks of plant cell and chlorophyll production.  And, it will not hurt bugs or critters inherent to grasses, trees, beds, and/or gardens.  

Why Use Gorton's Solution?

  • Boosts plants' heat tolerance which combats wilting on hot days

  • Plants can last longer without water and still thrive

  • Flowers grow faster and with more vibrant colors

  • Fills in most brown and bare spots on grass

  • Helps grass to grow in the shade

  • Flowers bloom for longer periods

  • Grasses green up earlier and last longer in the year

Who Should Use Gorton's Solution?

Gorton's Solution is used by agricultural growers, landscapers both commercial and residential, wholesale growers, arboretum display gardens, golf course management companies, and others.  And the great news is that Gorton's Solution is now available to consumers for home gardening, lawn care, tree growth, disease prevention, and other plant health and growth needs.

Supporting Article

The link below will take you to an interesting article written by Shi En Kim in Science News, May 3, 2021.  It aligns with our product(s) and what we are working to achieve, be it nano size or highly soluble.  It's all about plant health!  

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