ABSOLUTE RESULTS With Gorton's Solution 


We Love Plants

We love them so much, our eco-ag friendly company is dedicated to growing them for you, for others, and/or for ourselves.  The results are outstanding and we continue to enhance and perfect our line of plant growth products, both liquids and powders.  Commercial growers, including some of the largest in the country, love their results and swear by our product.  According to a major display garden, "Gorton's Solution is the real deal."  We now offer our product online to residential growers and enthusiasts and have expanded our product offering.  We encourage you to shop our site, test our products, and compare your results.  We are the "real deal" in helping plants grow better.

Just Watch Our Growth



I've gotten the grass so healthy it's choking out the crabgrass, unbelievable!

Chris @ Expert Organics Lawn Care

I was only watering my plants every other day with Gorton's and they were thriving!. I ran out of Gortons and started watering every single day but my plants look droopy and dry in the 90 degree weather. Just bought more Gorton's and they immediately started looking healthy again.

Debbie (Home Gardener)

I have never seen seed take and grow so fast! I can't wait to use it on the entire course.

Javier - California Golf Club of San Francisco

After two months of using Gorton's Solution, we have noticed significant results in our bed planting and turf vitality. This is a great product and we will be incorporating it in our goods and services for many years to come.

Chase @ Marlin Landscape

My tomato plants loved Gorton's last year but it must of have made the soil better because this year they are even bigger!

Andrew (Home Gardener)

I had a client stop by the house and they asked how my plants look so good. All of my neighbor's hydrangeas are dead and mine are still blooming! I tell everyone about this stuff. I actually want to put an info sheet about Gorton’s in our move-in binders we give to new homeowners

Clay (Homeowner and Home Builder)