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We Love Plants

We love them so much, our eco-ag friendly, plant growth solution company is dedicated to helping you grow them. The results are outstanding (see Research/Results page), and we continue to enhance and perfect our line of plant growth products.  Commercial growers, including some of the largest in the US, love their results and swear by our product(s).  According to a major display garden, "Gorton's Solution is the real deal."  We now offer our products online to growers and individual plant and garden enthusiasts around the world and with a continually expanding product line.  We encourage you to shop our site, test our products, and compare your results.  We are the "real deal" in helping your plants grow healthier, faster, and better.  We add ZING to plants!

Use Gorton's Solution products on:  grasses, trees, shrubs, flowers, plants, and produce.

Applications can include:  seed soaking, bulb drenching, deep root injections, transporting, heat tolerance, revitalization, and/or weekly or bi-weekly pour or spray on regular watering maintenance.

For a quick, independent review, watch the following plant/agricultural video.  

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